Making waste streams sustainable and valuable

What we do

Waste to Energy Technology (WtE) is a Swedish supplier of solutions for your industrial waste streams. WtE supplies biochar plants that can turn wet organic waste streams into both biochar and district heating or electricity. Adding heat as an income stream can more than double the total revenue for an industrial sized biochar plant.

With a unique plant design based on steam drying and high temperature pyrolysis WtE can offer a very competitive industrial scale solution with low CAPEX, low OPEX and with several revenue sources.

Our technology

WtE have developed a solution for biochar production with focus on the need of industrial client and with using the most suitable technologies. The WtE solution is combining a well proven rotating drum carbonizer with a superheated steam dryer that makes use of the carbonizers high temperature flue gases to dry the incoming material.

The combination of steam drying and high temperature pyrolysis is unbeatable since it provides both valuable biochar and heat or without requiring additional energy for drying.

Which industries?

The carbonizer system is developed to handle organic sludge but also biomass can be carbonized. The system is designed to maximize heat output as district heating or electricity with ORC but can also be adopted for other needs. The best way to find the optimal business case for each material is to run it in the test and verification system developed by WtE.

Is it for me?

WtE helps each client develop the best business case adapted to the clients needs and requirements. It can include finding a costumer for the heat output, finding the right use case for the biochar produced or help with environmental permit application etc.

WtE uses laboratory testing to analyze the material to be carbonized and the biochar produced. The data received from the testing is used in advanced simulation tools to calculate the mass and heat balance. Together with actual biochar production in WtE´s test and verification system a full model of the system and the business case can be developed. The client gets accurate and detailed input to use in the investment decision. The client and WtE can together based on real data design the best plant for the specific use case with the highest return and with low investment risk.

Who are we?

WtE was founded by Niclas Jonsson. Niclas is the founder and former owner of BKtech, Sweden´s largest supplier of modular bioenergy plants. Niclas was in 2017 appointed east of Sweden´s best entrepreneur by "EY Entrepreneur Of The Year".

”Biochar is a very interesting market and the only solution that already today can deliver urgently needed carbon sinks with conventional technology. We started WtE because we noticed that there is a discrepancy between what the industry asks for and what the suppliers offer. Many clients are ready to invest in carbonization but the available options are often not applicable for industrial scale or won’t give good enough return on investment.
Our systems are tailored to fit the need of industrial clients both in size and in cost”

- Niclas Jonsson